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We’re not your average consultants, innovation experts, or startup accelerators. We’re about finding the big ideas, rapidly validating them, and bypassing bureaucracy to achieve real results.

We know how to uncover the potential of your existing assets with the skillset to pull it off.


Our proven Launch methodology quickly uncovers, validates, and launches ideas to solve challenges worth solving. We target challenges or opportunities that can leverage technological advancements and that require with minimal capital, or are low risk to test in market.

Throughout the process, there are many touch-points and structured On and Off Ramps. These are designed to let us run faster when conviction is high, but also to or pivot and realign direction if that’s the right thing to do.

  • Fuel
  • Ignite
  • Test Flight
  • Venture Design
  • Venture Establishment

We take the pain out of complex, capital-intensive challenges with smart solutions.

Our Revive methodology uncovers and validates multiple unique opportunities to evaluate and increase success potential before undertaking feasibility studies. We’ll leave no stone unturned in finding the unseen opportunity that will deliver commercial, social, and environmental benefits for the challenges you think are unsolvable.

  • Discover
  • Scoping
  • Refine
  • Entrepreneurial Pre-Feasibility
  • Entrepreneurial Feasibility

Our Advisory service enables our clients to refine how we work together and explore powerful partnerships that unlock new revenue.

We’ll facilitate bespoke scoping and ideation workshops that create laser-focused outcomes, energising internal teams and helping them find the future.

  • Workshops
  • Collaborative Exploration
  • Entrepreneurial Storytelling

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Why it works

Scalable solutions that drive impact

We are fearless in uncovering meaningful ideas that create optionality and lead to transformative impact.

Harness the entrepreneurial spirit

Our specialists live and breathe the entrepreneur/founder mindset — we thrive in startup acceleration and helping large organisations pivot towards positive change.

We’re committed to working optimally with you to tackle complex challenges; externally enough to enhance creativity and accelerate outcomes,  and close enough to make the most of your internal expertise.

Trusted experts who care about the world

At 11point2, we believe it’s all of our responsibility to protect people, the planet, and freedom.

We collaborate with leading organisations across the Energy and Resources sector who want to create a better future, uncover possibilities, bring ideas to life, and accelerate worthwhile change.

This ethos is rooted in everything we do, and that extends to the clients we work with.

Entrepreneurial expertise backed by science


Diversity increases creativity and supports innovation1

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Knowing when to pause, pivot or persevere is the key to success

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We understand that failure is just a step and this doesn’t defeat us

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Performance ‘hot streaks’ almost always follow exploration and exploitation

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Case study

Evaluating global trends to disrupt the Australian construction industry

Sarah Constructions, a top South Australian builder with 60 years of experience, wanted to find opportunities to solve the core challenges facing the Australian industry. 11point2 stepped in, analysing global prefabricated construction trends and offering a future outlook.

We delivered a comprehensive ecosystem evaluation and prioritised recommendations to help Sarah Constructions' shape their strategy. Embracing eco-friendly prefabrication methods aligns with their vision and supports our mission for a better shared future.

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Case study

Repurposing assets for a cleaner maritime future

Our client wanted to find non-traditional revenue streams for an asset in the Cooper Basin nearing its operational end, while also building positive community sentiment. Over nine months, we dove into global tech developments and validated an exciting opportunity: producing high-demand green ammonia using the existing asset.

This move could make our client a key player in decarbonising the Asia-Pacific shipping industry, significantly impacting environmental sustainability. The project, now in-house, is undergoing feasibility studies to bring this ambitious, eco-friendly revenue stream to life.

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Case study

A nature-positive new purpose for an ageing asset

Our client has a diverse decommissioning pipeline with large assets in various lifecycle stages. Initially, we conducted a retrospective analysis on one offshore asset to identify past repurposing opportunities. During this process, we discovered that a large commercial seaweed farm would still be viable.

We transitioned from retrospective analysis to actionable strategy by thoroughly researching and consulting industry experts. This led to the development of an idea thesis, an idea repository, and a high-level business case. The proposed seaweed farm would generate significant revenue, reduce the liability of a deteriorating asset, and have a positive environmental impact.

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Case study

A portfolio of ideas to harness the power of renewables

Our client asked us to find innovative ways to repurpose or extend the life of an offshore platform in Bass Strait. With decommissioning becoming tricky due to its remote location, we jumped at the challenge. We proposed a dynamic, three-decade strategy harnessing Bass Strait's wind and solar power.

By evaluating surrounding infrastructure and regional plans, we found the platform could play a key role in future wind farm developments. This forward-thinking approach not only tackled decommissioning costs but also boosted the client's energy transition journey.

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What our clients have to say

“With limited scope and limited time 11point2 were able to present high quality work, representing diverse and in-depth thinking that resonated with our business. The way 11point2 collaborated with our team by guiding us through their innovative ideation process brought renewed inspiration to our project and created an outcome that had far greater benefits than what would have been achieved in isolation.”

Terry Tsapaliaris
Sarah Constructions General Manager

“11point2 have surpassed our expectations by introducing new thinking and an entrepreneurial approach to our traditional oil and gas assets. We are now jointly exploring exciting opportunities that recognise the value in our ageing assets, creating new real value, and allowing us to unlock Balance Sheet liabilities.”

Peter Charlesworth
Codan Limited Executive General Manager


Make the shift to action

We’ve helped leaders fearlessly get ahead of the world’s problems. Our expert team is ready to help you bring the next big idea to life.

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