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We are an entrepreneurship-as-a-service company, helping asset-intensive businesses find unseen solutions to intractable problems.

Entrepreneurial mindset and agility create a unique pathway to develop transformational solutions for these complex problems.

Unlock your potential to drive positive impact and maximise financial, social and environmental benefit.


Codified entrepreneurial process coupled with world-class capability.

We developed a framework for idea validation and a suite of services specifically designed to help medium to large businesses, particularly the energy and resource sector, manage liabilities and accelerate net-positive outcomes.


Efficiently uncover lots of ideas, quickly validate the most promising option, and develop a prototype to test in market.


Deep dive into more complex, capital-intensive challenges, identifying, evaluating and scoping multiple unique opportunities to validate success potential before undertaking feasibility studies.


Tailored offerings that enable clients to refine the way we work together, including workshops, scoping or strategy development.


Harness a diverse mix of technical, strategic and entrepreneurial experience across some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.

Energy Transition
Connection and Collaboration
Asset Repurposing
Social License
Transformational Innovation


Uncovered meaningful ideas


Validated & tested ideas
Validation conversations
Portrait of Managing Director Mark Ogden

Mark Ogden

11point2 Managing Director
"The greatest threat in business today is not seeing the potential - in people, in ideas, in change, in the world."

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We are 11point2 because 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity for an object to escape from the earth’s gravitational pull. It reflects our relentless focus on ensuring that an idea we put on the launch pad will succeed.