11point2 is the escape velocity of an object from planet Earth (11.2 km/s)

It reflects our focus on launching validated, purpose-driven ideas to give them the best chance of success.

We transform businesses by uncovering unseen solutions to their intractable problems - achieving tangible financial, environmental, and social outcomes. Entrepreneurs are naturally driven to accelerate impactful ideas, leaving no stone unturned in their mission to achieve the desired outcome.

Our approach

SOME OF Our clients

Results that speak for themselves

Unique ideas uncovered for our clients and counting
Potential NPV uncovered for an Oil and Gas client in <6 months
Opportunity to reduce decommissioning cost for a single asset
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Our Approach

We uncover 10x the ideas and move up to 5x faster in our process for your most challenging problems

We bring unique ideas to life to help clients:
Decommission or repurpose complex assets
Generate new business opportunities
Leverage technological advancements
Accelerate the energy transition and decarbonisation
Go-to-market product launches
What we don't do
Long time-frame R&D activities
Production or internal process optimisation
Incremental or core innovation
Traditional engineering services
Waste your time or ours
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Three entrepreneurial methodologies that deliver tangible outcomes.

By codifying the entrepreneurial method, we can progress and validate each idea in the most efficient way. This enables our clients to harness the power of entrepreneur creativity, mindset and grit while feeling confident in the rigour and research poured into each new opportunity.


For opportunities with minimal capital and minimal risk.

Efficiently uncover lots of ideas, quickly validate the most promising option, and develop and launch a product with a proven go-to-market strategy.

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Deep dive into complex, capital-intensive challenges.

Identify, evaluate and scope multiple unique opportunities, and validate feasibility and the commercial strength of the business model.

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Tailored offerings enabling clients to refine the way we work together, including workshops, entrepreneurial storytelling or collaborative exploration.

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Who we work with

We work with clients who want to transform their businesses and invest in change that achieves financial, environmental and social benefits.

The energy
and resource sector
Owners of large and complex assets looking at uncovering decommissioning or repurposing opportunities
Leaders who want to investigate the potential of an opportunity but aren’t sure where to start
Businesses with intractable problems that are holding them back from meeting strategic objectives


Make the shift to action

We’ve helped leaders fearlessly get ahead of the world’s problems. Our expert team is ready to help you bring the next big idea to life.

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