Idea Validator

March 14, 2023


Full time






per annum.

About the job

Are you ready to help us ignite the world’s innovation potential and play a key role in validating worthwhile ideas that contribute to the greater good? We are looking for a curious, energetic, fun, humble human that strives to be elite at what they love doing, to join our growing team.

As our Idea Validator, you will play an important role in the process of validating ideas through the 11point2 CoLab, and continuously improving our internal knowledge and systems that enable us to operate at an elite level.

When working as part of an Idea Validation Squad to validate an idea, you will operate like the non-technical co-founder in a technology focused start-up.  Your remit will be everything that has to be thought through and done in the earliest stage of a start-up, other than building the product and technology required to make it work.

At other times, you will be thinking critically about emerging technologies and global trends, adding insights to the CoLab Themes knowledge base, and improving how we use the technologies and tools that enable the 11point2 entrepreneurial method of validating worthwhile ideas.

Key Responsibilities

Bachelor’s degree with high academic achievement required; Engineering Degree preferred

Relevant experiences in product management, program management, product marketing, business operations or strategic planning; Or at least 1-2+ years of related consulting experiences (top-tier management consulting or technology consulting firms);

Expertise & solid knowledge of the global and local technology industries and trends

Strong analytical skills to synthesize, analyze and deliver data and insights toward specific CoLab Themes and Programs.

Obsessive curiosity for what tools exist and how they can be used to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of how you work.

A high degree of openness and optimism combined with a healthy anxiety about how you think to ensure optimal creativity to find ideas and diligence to think them through properly.

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and a strong desire to ensure that all interactions with internal and external stakeholders are effective and enjoyable.

Ability to navigate complexity and ambiguity whilst working in a fast-paced environment where priorities are changing rapidly.

Strong work ethic, service–mentality and customer experience focus.

If you have been a start-up founder before and failed that is a brilliant skill and experience.

Personal Traits

● Bias to action - likely to just take the initiative to build something without much direction in an ambiguous and fast-paced environment

● Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

● Strong interest in the latest tech trends

● A desire to automate and optimise everything around you

● Detail-oriented - the small things really do count

Skills and Experience

Own the Size of the Prize (Market Opportunity), Landscape (Comparable/Competitors) and Pathway (Plan) content sections for the Idea Thesis.

Own the Stakeholder Validation process, activities and content, including identifying the right validation stakeholders and engaging them appropriately throughout the Idea Validation Lifecycle.

Critically think through Size of the Prize, Landscape, Pathway and Validation learnings and provide continuous feedback to the other members of the Idea Validation Squad to ensure Idea Pivot and Persevere discussions are well informed.

Own the delivery of all artefacts (documents) that are produced as part of the Idea Validation Lifecycle for delivery to customers.

Own the knowledge repository for CoLab Programs and the Ideas being validated.

Prepare accurate, well-developed slides and charts, and deliver original analyses and insight to the team.

Establish credibility with CoLab Program Sponsors by delivering original critical thought that relates to their Program and the Idea being validated.

Establish productive (co-founder like) working relationships with other members of the Idea Validation Squad.

How we’d like to work with you

This is a full-time position with a mix of office and remote work; our offices are based in Adelaide CBD or Sydney.

We’re a small and diverse group of humans with a passion and love for sports, basting Christmas turkeys, books, arguing the right way and more. However, we're all woven together by our deep passion to be the world's best at finding and validating worthwhile ideas.

We are ready to support and kickstart your journey in the idea validation ecosystem. You will quickly learn how entrepreneurs think and operate which will set you up to tackle your own ideas in the future.

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Full time
Idea Validator

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Idea Validator

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Idea Validator

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